Rutgers University Newark To Offer “Minor in Youth Development & Juvenile Justice”

Rutgers University-Newark is offering a new interdisciplinary minor in Youth Development and Juvenile Justice. Students in this program will gain a broad and deep understanding of the factors affecting adjudicated youth, including social environments, individual development, and systemic issues in juvenile justice and the surrounding fields. Multidisciplinary course work draws from the School of Criminal Justice, Department of Psychology, and Department of Social Work, allowing students to grasp the scope of systems influencing the lives of young people in our communities, and to build tools for helping court-involved youth succeed and become productive members of society. In addition, this minor program’s field work component provides students with an immersive opportunity to work with youth at-risk and those involved with the juvenile justice system. A minor in Youth Development and Juvenile Justice prepares students to pursue careers in juvenile justice, direct service provision to incarcerated youth, and fields such as education and social work which influence the lives of youth and families.

Offered in partnership with the Rutgers-Newark Center on Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice as well as the Program in Juvenile Justice and Youth Development at Rutgers University, this course of study’s unique and collaborative approach reflects the complexity of improving outcomes for justice-involved youth.

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About the author: Rosy Arroyo