It should be easier to expunge minor crimes and give people a second chance, attorney says

By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist published 5-29-19 By Akil Roper Later this year, Pennsylvania will be the first state to implement a system of expungement and sealing of criminal records – that will require the court and law enforcement to expunge automatically certain arrest and conviction records without petitioners having to file a formal application. While other jurisdictions […]

Taxpayers spend more than 5 years of tuition at Princeton to imprison a child for a year. Expert says we need a better plan.

By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist Posted 5-29-2019 11:26AM By Paul DeMuro As the father of four children and seven grandchildren, I’ve seen firsthand youth’s needs for consistent support and guidance. We all have a role to play in making this a reality for all children. I have worked for nearly five decades to improve our country’s juvenile […]