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The New Jersey Association of Youth Services Commission Administrators at its core is an entity that seeks to inform and transform the youth justice system.

We believe in the strength and value of our communities; and work towards an equitable future for all of our youth and families.

To believe in this foundation we must be willing to address all inequities and continue to #SeekJustice everywhere.

We believe that #BlackLivesMatter.

We stand together! 

We will continue to do our part in this movement by supporting the creation of spaces where ALL voices are heard!

Partner with us on our journey to build strong communities, highlight youth voices and bring meaningful change to the youth justice system!

Please contact your local County YSC Administrator to be a partner!

About Us

The New Jersey Association of County Youth Service Commissions Executive Committee is made of of regional representatives that develop goals and objectives for the Association on an annual basis that coordinate, synchronize and improve County Youth Service Commissions efforts in carrying out their duties and responsibilities as set forth by legislative mandates.

The statewide association’s goal is to facilitate the exchange of information between CYSC Administrators and representatives from various state department agencies and other planning bodies and advisory groups dealing with youth development services addressing risk and protective factors in matters of mutual interest and concern regarding children in the State of New Jersey.  

(Executive Committee  Members from top-left to right: Antoinetta Phelan- Co-Chair of the New Jersey Association of County YSC Administrators – Somerset County,Jamie Ziegelhofer- Northern Region Chair- Bergen County, Shelby Voorhees- Treasurer- Ocean County, Rosy Arroyo – Co-Chair of the New Jersey Association of County YSC Administrators, Rudy Aikens Southern Region Chair, Gloucester County YSC Administrator, & Frank Carozza- Secretary- Cumberland County YSC Administrator).

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Welcome Community, we hope this section provides you with an understanding of the Juvenile Justice System in New Jersey. This offers an overview of several key components of the juvenile justice system in New Jersey.

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Members are specifically enumerated in the legislation that established the Commissions and include the Presiding Judge of the Family Part, Court Case Manager, Chief Probation Officer, County Government Official, Prosecutor, Public Defender, DCP&P, County Mental Health Administrator, representatives of private non-profit agencies and other local service providers. Each commission has additional membership roles that can include community members interested in supporting youth in their communities. For additional information on vacancies in your local County Youth Services Commission please reach out to the County Youth Service Commission Administrator.


The New Jersey Association of County Youth Service Commission Administrators encourages participation in your local County Youth Services Commission by attending the open public meetings. Schedules for theses meetings vary by county. Please reach out to your local County Youth Service Commission Administrator for a list of scheduled dates or refer to their website for additional information or updates


For additional information please complete the inquiry form. If you have specific questions pertaining to your local County Youth Services Commission or resources within your county please reach out to the County Administrator.