Moving Through the Juvenile Justice System

interactive-flowchart Aftercare/Parole Classification Assignment Substance Abuse Treatment Out-Patient orResidential Dept of Human Ser- vices Out-Patient / Out- Of-HomeServices Detention Alternatives Probation May Be Referred ForServices Incarceration inJJC Institution 60 Day Commitment to County Detention Facility Disposition Options Below May Occur Alone Or In Combination Formal Continuance Up To One Year Motion for Waiver to Adult Court Dismissalof Charges Adjudication ofDelinquency Disposition DetentionAlternatives Probable Cause Hearing AdjudicatoryHearing Juvenile Conference Committee Intake ServiceConference Hearing Disposition Detention Not DetainedPending Hearings Diversion Juvenile/Family Crisis or Out-Of-Home Placement Petition Family SettingWith Services Out-Of-HomePlacement Family Court Intake UnsuccessfulDiversion Voluntary Out-Of-Home Placement CrisisResolved Short-TermServices Referral for Long- Term Services Initial Response Family Crisis Intervention Unit Referral DelinquencyComplaint Signed Non-Law Enforcement Complainant DelinquencyComplaint Signed Law EnforcementDiversion Taken into Custody by Law Enforcement Officer Allegation of Delinquency or Juvenile/Family Crisis